This record is about the God who worships the Koreans of Heo Hwang ok 2000 years ago. Heo Hwang Ok is a Tamil princess.

The wonder for this question is that the Tamil princess is the god of the Korean god.

Pandiya kings ruled over Tamilnadu a few years ago ruled over the various kingdom. It is said that commercial connection between the Tamilnadu and the neighbouring country are said to have existed. The Tamil Princess is married to the King of the King and the real name of this princess, known as Heo Hwang ok , The more interesting information is that this princess’s parents have sent a lot of people to her daughter. Researchers explain that the coins of Tamilnadu were found in many other foreign countries, including the gold and diamonds of many foreign countries in Tamilnadu.

Heo Hwang ok about 60,00,000 people are descended. For the sake of ex.pm Korean, Celebrities and actors, many of them belong to Heo Hwang ok.

them belong to Heo Hwang ok. The evidence for these historical references between the Koreans and the Tamil Natakavarkal is through language. Some of the cultural methods of Tamil origin are said to follow. The words like (அம்மா, அப்பா,கொஞ்சம் கொஞ்சம்) Tamil are similar in Korean. This is because of his rule of worship to worship and worship as God.

It’s also amazing and important that he has been alive for 150 years. For 150 years after his regime, he has led the next generation.

That is why he worshiped God as the Koreans until today.



Part 2

( continue my journey in the mysterious world)

I was shocked to see what laid before my eyes. And I have a doubt they are real or just an imagination .because what i saw in there its really amazing art work.I entered into corner of the house .there has a one door my curiosity level was increased to see whats was there in the room.wowww…hey what i was in my dream or what i have seen before me was real????

The dream of what I see is coming up.It is near to me in the colonies.It’s so beautiful that the beauty of nature has not been seen before that minute. Every minute and place there was a puzzle. There was no Viana Motto who was following me when I entered the room.But I continued into the room.I came to know that all the nearby planets are gone now. There is a room in front of me and there is no room except that there is no way to enter in there. It gave me the pink paper in my hand and highlighted that little hand towards the door of the room. There was something in the paper. When I was in the bottle, the three lights of the room appeared. The lamp is green, yellow, and red. A small figure in the paper seemed to throw a finger and run into a room.It seemed to be a puzzle to enter this room.And that’s just a chance.

Yes, I have to go through this door. I put the yellow and blue lights in there together.

Then I put the yellow and blue lights in there to Then there was a light open door opening through it.

That was the dark path through that door.I think the time of the passage is less but a long journey that traveled long.Perhaps it may be the last time of my journey. There was something in my heart that we were going to see something that we did not expect. I could not see anything shortly after it went away. Illumination has a looting scale. The same Potion I first saw in a store appeared before my eyes. I did not know what happened in a minute after the explosion appeared.But after that I could see clearly in there.My long dream was in front of my eyes today.Yes, I saw the beautiful light on the white light….


Hey friends this is not a horror story dont panic.this article is about my experience of 10th room in hostel life.

If you would have been in hostel you would have been enjoying those days. There is no doubt for love and hatred, fight and adjustments, and for Happiness and Hurtings.

Room 10 If there are not pages created by paper, the memories of the experience are part of my lifetime. It is a beautiful place where I enjoyed a lot of mysterious memories in my lifetime.

The gifts I received gifts on my birthday. Until today, my life travels as unsavoury relationships. Everybody has the desire to have permanent relationship.Our greatest life begun during the Juniors welcome show in the first day college for my roomies.

At the beginning, it was different. We didn’t know each other, and very shortly we got close to each other. I was the only final year student in my room and the other five were first years. We loved each other like sisters without any discrimination and the gap between us gone completely. No matter what one of us had, we stood together and helped one another.

There are so many memories that we have in our college hostel. The day we say it’s unforgettable is September 12th 2016 night. On the day of the visit we went from our college hostel one day tour. That night we were only five, but we did not remember what was the reason but could not control our laughing. Our laughing sound heard to whole hostel so the other students were watching our room with little bit of confusion. Incidentally, one of us was shocked to come out of the room. Our hostel supervisor had come.Then we managed to get something and came to the room. That night was an experience we can’t forget.

Then March 25, 2017, was also an unforgettable experience in my lifetime. Surprises are one of the my favourite one. But I didn’t get that kind of surprises up to that day. But on March 25,2017, I received unexpected gifts and that was unforgettable. My first outing with friends was during March 25,2017. Myself and my roommates went to Temple, Mall, Hotels and we were very happy that day. Then we returned to college. I was a bit tired that day and took a nap. Suddenly, two of my roommates woke me and gave me a present after which that other two also gave a present and the last one too gave a present and I was excited so much that day.

They have also received my favourite surprises that I did not expect.I can not control my happiness.I went to the bounds of happiness.

Thus, I don’t mind the unpleasant memories of the unexpected thing but keeps that within me.

The college’s accommodation is not for everyone, so no one can get it. It is an unforgettable time in their lives.

Several nights waking up with the story, sharing, little skirmishes, funny advice from friends, midnight dishes, and more. There is no famine here for such pleasant pleasure.

Enjoy your college life at least once, and this will be great for your unforgettable experiences.



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In Tamilnadu we suffered by lot of issues. Although the times changes, the reason do not change .changes takes place only when there are lots of problems and leading to destruction.

The current problems in Tamilnadu will only go to account .the long term hydro carbon project is one of the most unresolved issues in the problem solving. one of the places we know is NEDUVASAL ,the only thing that happened but in some places the resolution for this project has been fulfilled.

In 2007, Hydrocarbon project was tested by ONGC company at Nallandar kollai near Neduvasal .as a result of acid scarcity in the fall of 2017 , sethupathi the student from Thiruvarur district ,injured on his face because of the waste oil tank (scarcity of the experiment in 2007).at present the boy is unknown to anyone.he is the best example for Hydrocarbon effects .

( The student sethupathi ).

( Wastage tank ).

Richard Nikson the former president of america, came up with the idea of a clean air act in the 1970s. And in 1972 he introduced the Clean Water Act and the Saftey drinking water project in 1974. But in 2005, George.W.Bush signed the Energy Policy Act -2015 project. This has resulted in all the health care plans falling. In the United States, some of the more prominent companies, including 32 states, were included in the project.

The hydrocarbon project should have a capacity of 4,50,000 oil wells to be constructed. In one well taken 18 times methane and the amount of water required to get methane in 1 oil well is 1.7 billion. Then 18 times × 1.7 billion × 4,50,000 =? You can count it its really horrible.

And 22 companies have taken this lease, of which 4 are operated under the government, 17 private companies and one foreign company (South Asia Consultancy).

Furthermore, alphabetical order is reserved for these companies. Neduvasal is ranked 15th and kaaraikaal at 16th place. Neduvasal under GEM Laborated pvt.limited company , and kaaraikaal under Bharath Petrol Resource limited company.these two companies don’t have any experience to take methane project .still now they dont have any experience at all.

Now think about our people what kind of problem they face ,they really suffer by this project . The agriculture is being spoiled because of the ground water.the ground water which are pollute by the methane gas. suppose the pipe line of the tank can leak and it also has chances of burning. people dont have any proper security there . Then how Indian government approved that project??

There is no doubt that there will be change when we raise voice against injustice.

Can you come forth and raise your voice against injustice???

And still now there are so many information we fail to look for it…now its time to Wake up from the sleep of ignorance.

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One day I was sleeping in my room ,and suddenly I didn’t know what it was ,but some weird force pushed me into a door .Then after sometime I woke up from my sleep and realised that I was not in my room .

The world I’ve never seen before flashed before my eyes . People over there looked more or less like us but they differed from us in some way. They had wings and held a ball in their hands that was white and sparkly . I could see a live painting there ,yeah the house over there looked like a painting .Suddenly I sensed some annoying sound from my stomach[giggling] yeah I really wanted food for my dearest stomach ,so I went into that shop but it was not the usual shops we have here. There were no counter at all ,they had food, cloths, some potion. I didn’t know what kind of potion was that. .The bottle was very tiny and the potion was in purple color . I went into the floor where some served food .I reached that place ,and they gave me something like plant ,more or less, like a paddy, I think so, I am not sure about that .Some of them looked at me with an alien look . Yeah, that was reasonable for I was the only person who looked different from them.But they didn’t enquire me.Then I went to that seller and asked food. He gave me a big spongy bread .I was astonished to receive such a hospitality.And so,I questioned him why did he give food to me. He replied that he had seen few people like me before, in his world, few years back and added that they were really kind to his people .But,to my shock,I heard that,after few years, some of them came and stole away their “casata” (sand -imaginary word).They were really sad about that .They recognised me as a different being,differing from the ones,they had previously met.

And he also told a lot of stories about their world .It was really amazing and interesting. It was too kind of him .

First I will give introduction about that wonderful man. His name is viyana motto (imaginary character).

And he invited me into his house.I was shocked to see what was laid before my eyes.


There are so many ways to find real beauty in the world .but we failed to find that precious beauties in our life . Some others never feel that or never experienced that wonderful moments in their life .

Nowadays we think real beauty comes from only by make up ,we just think about our face or artificial beauty which we try to make us beautiful to others . but that is not real beauty . and also important thing in our society today a person is judged by their beauty [their out fit ] but not their talent. most of them says we find real beauty in poor people smile , yes that’s true but the poor people smile in the sense is not laughing of poor people instead that’s mean when we helps to make people who all are in needs and make them happy that’s the real smile and the real happiness .make others happy its greatest way to find a real beauty in the world. FACE IS THE INDEX OF MIND.

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Outer beauty pleases the EYE

Inner beauty captivates the HEART

-Mandy Hale

The other way to find a real beauty from nature .A TRULY HAPPY PERSON IS ONE WHO AN ENJOY THE SCENERY WHILE ON A DETOUR.

these pictures are taken while I was traveling. I really enjoy to take pictures of clouds and sun and taking picture while traveling. it’s really gives happiness.its makes us feel heavenly. Nature really has power to construct our thoughts like as a building (imagination).maybe our building of thoughts reaches the sky , because natural has power to make a person think creatively and effectively. we have lot of examples for that ; if we take example from literature, lot of poem and prose are about nature and their beauty. The poet compares man’s life to nature .it’s make a person think out of their world from their real world .

(The author of the pic John .W.Cousin )

I want to end this article with some quotes about what’s a real beauty:

True beauty is measured by the number of pearls within you ,not those around your neck.

-Suzy Kassem

Hide yourself in God ,so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first .


we really want to express ourselves as beautiful to the world, follow your heart with kind and patient,and follow your mind with acknowledge of the poor people. Please dont spend your whole life for a useless makeup . After your age role down in your life that artificial never proves you as a beautiful your personality and your inner beauty only shows who you are.

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